Add more to your staff event with these add-on options provided by Teresa Lowen, PMP, is your own professional off-site facilitator.   She can arrange a simple outing or provide full-service, turn-key, off-site facilitation services.  For more information, contact Tabitha or Megan at 431-4838 or through our contact page.

RIGHT BRAIN INNOVATION PACKAGES (for 4-26 team members):


  • Story mapping is the innovative and agile way to think comprehensively through a new product or process.  Take into account all your stakeholders.  Figure out exactly what is needed for each phase of the operation, from the beta release to the final phase.  Large paper rolls, post-it notes, paint, markers, crayons, pencils and erasers are here for your use.  
  • Once you have your story mapped out, you can roll it up and take it back to the office with you.  There you continue to make changes and plan iterations as your project unfolds.
  • Training and/or facilitation in the story mapping exercise is an option.  Catering options available.


  • Brainstorm in a creative space!  Large paper rolls, post-it notes, paint, markers, crayons, pencils and erasers are here for your use.  Everything you need to think differently, creatively, and outside-the-box.  Get all your brilliant ideas out, organize them, and take them back to the office to start working!
  • Facilitation is optional and can include an opening activity to get your team looking at the problem differently.  Catering options available.


  • Need a place to work out design issues?  Or maybe your team just needs some right-brain play time.  We have a hand-building clay lab with all the tools needed to play with your 3D design ideas.  We also have large rolls of paper, sketching paper, tracing paper, post-it notes, pencils, erasers, and more to accommodate your innovative drawings and sketch designs.
  • Can include a hand-building clay instructor or a sketch instructor.  Additional facilitation and training exercises are optional.   Catering options available.


Training add-ons:


  • Your team plays a moving card game for about 45 minutes.  No special card playing knowledge is required.  Clear instructions are provided throughout.  This card game is designed to explore issues related to communications problems.  These communications problems may be intercultural in nature or they may stem from miscommunication based on the fact that we all see the world a little differently.  This card game is an extremely fun way to address any communication issues your team might be having.  It will help your team learn to listen more effectively and ask clarifying questions of each other, rather than making assumptions.
  • A debriefing and post-game discussion with a facilitator is included.  Catering options available.

TRAINING TOPICS (4-26 team members)

  • Training sessions can be one or two hour add-ons to any of the off-site packages.
  • Training topics include:  Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Team-Building, Leadership, Risk Management, Innovation, & Project Management Skills.
  • Each session includes instructive hand-outs, interactive group activities, and discussion time.  Catering options available.
  • Lead by an instructor who is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  PMP PDUs available.


Fun office parties (for 4-26 participants):

  • Creative space for office parties.  
  • Individuals can paint their choice of ceramics, canvas, glass, shirts, or slate!
  • Catering options available.
  • Additional facilitation and team building exercises are optional.  


Off-site Facilitation:  

  • Collect inputs via anonymous polling of stakeholders and participants
  • Establish objectives and priorities
  • Establish an agenda
  • Design your off-site:
    • Suggest a package or structure that best fits your goals
    • Create custom content
    • Find or customize tools, games, projects, activities
    • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Lead portions or all of the off-site:
    • Kick-off activity
    • Creative activities
    • Brainstorming sessions
    • Story mapping
    • Interactive training seminars (PDUs)
  • Provide independent observations of team leadership styles, communications, interactions, etc.
  • Capture meeting notes and action items
  • Coordinate catering
  • Document and verify any PDUs earned
  • Gather feedback via anonymous polling