It's a Sensory Experience

Here at Decoy our mission is to discover and empower the creative inside of everyone. Whether your favorite pastime is squishing mud between your tiny toes, creating a masterpiece of grand proportion, or you are in that happy middle ground of discovery; you are welcome here!

This week on the Blog we are focusing on our littlest creatives! Here’s an inside look from our beloved classroom manager and instructor Kristin Bailey about the cutest part of our little community!

Tiny News:

Tiny News October.jpg

At 6 months old, little ones are already exploring everything in their world, and everything can become an immersive art and sensory experience for them!

Textures, sounds, patterns and visuals are all learning experiences and tools for your baby! And being a part of the discovery process provides excellent bonding moments for parents and guardians. Art and Sensory go hand in hand with spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skill development, and pattern recognition.

“…The previously quiet observer now performs small hand movements to the rhythm of our morning song and scarf toss, and engages with other babies in the class.”

One of my favorite moments as an instructor for the Tiny Van Gogh and Toddler Art Adventure classes at Decoy Art Center is witnessing moments of growth. An infant or toddler who previously disliked getting their fingers messy suddenly wants to pick up, mash, and poke holes into the center of edible cloud dough -and taste test it too! The previously quiet observer now performs small hand movements to the rhythm of our morning song and scarf toss, and engages with other babies in the class. And the little one still on their tummy, now sits -assisted, and marvels at all the colors they can create with non-toxic tempera paint. These are great fine and gross motor skill achievements we celebrate. These precious memories we make with our tiny artists are important in sensory development.

In other Tiny News:

Tiny News around town October.jpg

The classroom and off-site programs have been hopping! Here’s a look back at what we’ve been up to and a preview of what’s coming up from Ms. Kristin!

Monday mornings of September and early October were spent getting creative with toddlers in and around Centerville as we created art inspired by nature! While most Mondays were quite rainy, that didn’t stop us from using nature as our inspiration! We created neat structures using objects from the outdoors, explored resist techniques as we painted fall trees, and things got a little sweeter for our sensory activity as we made ice cream clay-dough!

If you missed this last 3-class series, fear not! There will be another series coming up in the new year! Stay current on our upcoming programs by visiting our Website, following us on Social Media, or subscribing to our bi-weekly Newsletter! If you or your child has taken an art class at Decoy Art Center, look for Decoy Art Center Classroom Connection group on Facebook to get involved in the classroom community and to receive insider information!

Appreciation of the Abstract

by Jaime Ferguson

“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”  
-Pablo Picasso

Abstract art may not be a favorite of everyone. It’s easy to judge it and place abstract under a catch-all umbrella. You may not realize the many variations that have erupted out of the different modern movements. Each have their own perspectives and points of view, whether it is Realism, Impressionism, or Abstract Expressionism, they all work with line, color, and space in some way. 

“Every true artist has been inspired more by the beauty of lines and color and the relationships between them than by the concrete subject of the picture.” 

-Piet Mondrian

There have been some eyebrow raising pieces that can be baffling, such as a long haired wig sitting on a floor with a few strands going up a gallery wall. Mark Rothko’s colored rectangles vertically stacked may not pull at your heart strings, but Jackson Pollock’s paint splatter may be more interesting. How could you not stare at Pollock’s paintings for a long time as if trying to unravel the web he has created with paint? Whether you enjoy these artists or not, art is subjective, but it is important to have an appreciation for what each artist brings to the table. 

If you don’t really enjoy abstract paintings to decorate your walls, you may prefer the practical application of abstract art, such as a dinnerware pattern. It doesn’t have to be a traditional floral print anymore! Why not start your collection of abstract plates by taking the “Abstract Dinner Plate” workshop at Decoy Art Studio on Tuesday, February 16, 2016? Join us from 6:30-8:30 pm for this 21 & up workshop, and feel free to BYOB! One of our instructors will teach you how to create this Piet Mondrian inspired dinner plate. 

Please sign up for the paint-your-own pottery workshop at Decoy Art Studio in Beavercreek, Ohio! You have three options to sign up: 1. Call the studio at (937) 431-4838 2. Book the “Lettering Type Coffee Mug” workshop on the website by going to the following URL:  3. Visit the studio at 1561 Grange Hall Rd., Beavercreek, Ohio.