We know it can be very exciting to find a place like our Studio...BUT...Paint? Jeez! But what if I haven't touched a paint brush since middle school? How does it work?

No worries...we are here for you! 

Here are a few frequently asked questions about what we do at Decoy Art Studio:

Do I need an appointment?

  • For walk-in projects (Paint-Your-Own-Pottery, Glass, Slate and Canvas Painting), you do not need an appointment - just walk in anytime during our open hours and we will set you up with all the appropriate tools and are here for direction and advise. For parties larger than 6 people we do advise to call ahead to reserve space. Most of our tables sit 4-5 people comfortably while we have a few larger tables (or we can pull tables together) to accommodate larger groups though a heads up helps us tremendously! Be sure to check out the walk-in projects link above for more details about your options. 
  • Experienced Potters can use our wet clay lab (this is separate from our Walk-In projects) called Open Clay Lab during open studio hours. All new students must attend an orientation (this is a one time walk-thru of how our clay lab works...covering the rules, where the tools are located and where to put your work), after which you are free to create with clay! Please call the Studio to schedule an orientation. This is an uninstructed, independent use of our space. Please click on the link for more info and pricing. 
  • For instructed classes and workshops - all of our classes are scheduled and may be held beyond our open hours for walk-in art projects. Our classes are listed by medium and/or age through the Classes & Workshops page. Most classes due require registration though a few toddler through teens classes are available as drop ins (this information is listed with the class description). Class registration can be completed easily online, by calling or visiting the Studio. 
  • For private lessons & parties we set up by appointment. Please visit the link to see pricing, available schedule and took book your lesson online.  Maximum 24 people in a party.

What if I have never done this before? Regarding anything you do...

No worries! That's exactly why we are here! The Studio is ran by professional artists of different fields whom love to help others create. That's our purpose. 

Our classes are all designed for individuals who have never done this before. If you have, then your ahead of the game but will still get a lot out of it. Besides for advanced wheel pottery classes, our classes do not require 'pre-reqs' or experience of any kind...they are designed for beginners and non-artist types! Our objective is to help everyone find their creative outlet and discover new artistic mediums. 

Walk-In projects are perfect for all ages and are very family friendly.

What do I need?

Nothing! Notta, zip, zilch. We have all you need. We are all-inclusive!

Our walk-in art projects, classes, private/group lessons and parties include everything you need to learn and finish your projects - no upfront investment needed by purchasing kits for projects or expensive tools. See the class descriptions for more details.

For parties, we also include plates, napkins, cups and flatware with covered tables so all you have to worry about is the food and gifts. Shoot... we even try to help with the food offering specials with a local restaurant and a bakery. See the party package descriptions for more info. 

Canvas Painting Parties? Do you have these?

We do! We hold a themed class once a month (and offer them as private parties, too!) though everyone is welcomed to pick what YOU want to paint from our collection. Pick what colors YOU want to use and still receive all of the instruction needed to complete your own masterpiece with our stress-free set up. Find out more about our ridiculously fun Spirited! Painting Parties here.

I have a piece that I need fixed...can you help? Yes! We can also create your one-of-a-kind-commissioned piece as well! Click here for more info.

We live in Ohio, the state of unpredictable weather.. what is your snow policy?

Your safety is our number one concern (along with making sure you have fun!) so if Mother Nature decides to shower us with nasty weather and Greene County issues a level 2 emergency, we will shut down the Studio and all standing appointments and students will be rescheduled. In any other case, enrolled students/party hosts will be contacted about rescheduling options.