Every studio, just like a school, has an objective and view on how art is created and produced. This is how we operate, how we plan our classes and workshops and what you can expect from us.

To collaborate with the community to provide art and creative opportunities to all ages. 

This is a studio founded on Art Creation. We define Art as the expression of human creativity and invention through various media and unlimited form. We do not believe that there are limits to human creativity. Everyone has the innate ability to create something beautiful. Art is what comes from the biological curiosity of human nature and desire for self-expression, the drive to discover and learn. Every human is born with this, and every human can use it, no matter the age, training or skill level of the individual. We are here to facilitate that biological creative spark in an environment where it can bud and grow into something wonderful.

Art should never be limited; it does not belong to a select group of individuals, nor is it the property of the elite and educated. Art is for everyone: the living expression of the self though physical manifestation. Art is the oldest and most universal form of communication humanity has ever known. We represent and provide the freedom that artistic expression gives the mind of each individual. In a world full of mass communication, over saturated minds, confining traditions and ideas, we strive for expression, creation, open communication and knowledge.

Each class at Decoy must contain history of art, media and culture. Facts about what is being taught such as when this media was invented, who pioneered it, how it is made or whether or not it has had an impact on history and its relevance to our lives. These bite sized facts make the creation so much more interesting and sets Decoy apart from other studios. We are not here to simply hand people art supplies and say “Have Fun!” We, as Decoy instructors, must go beyond the fun into the fact, broadening minds, asking thoughtful questions and offering inspiring information to our students that they may never have encountered otherwise.

But facts do not stand alone. Use and technique are vital when introducing art and helping people to learn and expand. Every instructor must have a well-rounded understanding of the technique and media use that they can share with confidence and clarity. Because every student that walks into our studio is unique in their learning, knowledge and expression, we will take the time to make sure that all of our students understand our instructions, and are able to follow them or discover their own path. Because we teach something one way does not mean that this is the only way it can be done. We encourage questions, the harder the better, because we are ALL learning here. Our job is to make sure that every person finds their voice, their strength and their joy.

We want our students to walk away enriched, thoughtful and open minded, with something they created and are proud of. Our instructors are creative individuals with inspiring voices and a wide range of skills and knowledge. They are here to offer you art without rules, but as a tool to find your voice, your creativity and your joy.