Who are you?

Decoy Art Studio is a "grassroots studio". Everything we do is to help encourage creativity in our community.
Through our intimate class sizes, use of quality materials, and highly knowledgeable staff, we offer a personal experience that we are sure you'll enjoy...and help (re)connect you to your creativity!


From the road, our entrance is deceiving though our Studio takes up nearly 8,000 sq feet of the building (which was once a car garage). This space includes our walk-in cafe area for painting projects, a classroom and a clay lab. 

Where did you get the name 'decoy'?:

This is a popular question from our guests. It's not a typical name and most relate it to props used for hunting of ducks and other birds. 

We chose 'Decoy' (pronounced de-coy) for multiple reasons: 1) the need for a name you won't forget ;) 2) our goal is to help (re)connect you to your inner creative and take a break from everyday life. One definition of decoy by Merriam-Webster is: 'a person or thing that attracts people's attention so they will not notice someone or something else' ...and that is what we plan to do... distract you from the outside world and create something beautiful while enjoying the time in a relaxing space. 


Founder and Creative Director, Tabitha Guidone, had opened Decoy Art Studio in a small shopping plaza in the heart of Beavercreek, her hometown, in March of 2012. Influenced by her elementary art teacher (many years ago!), she wanted to help other kids and adults find their intrinsic passion for the arts. Not just to enjoy viewing, but to have a gut urge to create. While simultaneously helping local artists by vending their merchandise in the studio (and boutique 2012-2014), hiring professional artists as instructors and sponsoring local art shows and magazines.

After many successful classes, parties and events – the option to move in to the redeveloped property that once was a car garage on the corner of Dayton-Xenia Rd and Grange Hall had become available. This offered not just more space, double the space in fact, it also allowed for walk-in projects and the ability to hire more staff.

In June of 2013, the doors to the latest Studio were opened with walk-in pottery and canvas painting, a large classroom for toddler through adult classes and a high-fire clay lab. We continually are developing new and revised classes, workshops and assisting artists of all levels to improve on their skills.

We welcome you to visit the Studio, take a short tour, sit down and paint some pottery, sign up for a class or get your hands muddy in the clay lab. You’ll never get bored in the Studio, things are always getting brighter and better.